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Apr 24 Modding Day

LMI For All Hackers

Feedback! Please leave any feedback you have here.

Welcome, hackers! This space (hopefully) has everything you need to get prepared for our LMI For All Hack Day, or to get started with our API.

Check out our FAQ page for some things that tend to pop up while talking about Labour Market Information, like acronyms and how SOC codes work.

Hack Day

The LMI For All Hack Day is taking place on March 12th in London. To read more about it, visit the Hack Day page.

Here is a list of all the current SOC Codes in the API if you need it: socs.zip

API Documentation

Note that some of the results returned may contain provisional data or dummy data and don't reflect the actual situation yet.

  • Explore and try the API in the interactive API Explorer.
  • You can find background information about the data on the data notes page.

Language Bindings

Objective C

We have a couple more languages if you need them; ask!

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