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Data Team Homepage

We are working on choices for data integration, please help us finalise this document!

We have a running document on issues around data integration, please use this document to help solve all issues.

Data File Spec Sheets

These must be completed before the tech team accepts any new data. A template is available here.

2014 Data Updates

Data Source Planned? Status Note
ASHE (pay) :yes: :inprogress: Probably online1).
ASHE (hours) :yes: :yes: Online.
Working Futures :yes: :yes: Online.
UKCES Employer Skills Survey :yes: :yes: Online.
O*NET :yes: :yes: Online.
HESA DLHL Courses :yes: :later: Waiting for HESA to sign off.
LFS (ILO unemployment rate) :no: Not included in this round's updates.

Note: when you're editing the table, you can select it (entirely) with the mouse and press the 'align table' button above (5th from the right) to make it look prettier.

:yes:, :inprogress:, :later:, :no:: done, in progress, waiting, not planned/not possible.

Data Source Specs and Formats

Data Source Spec Format
LFS (ILO unemployment rate) link link
ASHE (pay) link link
ASHE (hours) link link
ASHE Change in Average Weekly Pay 2014-2015 % link link
Universal Jobmatch vacancies
ONS SOC Database
Working Futures link link
UKCES Employer Skills Survey link link
O*NET link link
HESA DLHL Courses link
Apprenticeships link link


If you have comments but don't feel up to editing the table, click the little “edit” button to the right of this paragraph, and just leave your note here at the bottom, signed with your name. I will fix things up. – Philipp

Graham Do we now have ASHE data?

Should we add another column for documentation

I added one. -PR

1) We have 'pay' data that is uploaded and live on the API. Some of the emails call for 'earnings' data. We're assuming these are the same dataset. Rob?
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