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Apprenticeships Specification

  • Submitted by: Luke Bosworth, l.p.bosworth@warwick.ac.uk
  • Submitted on: 10/11/2015
  • Revision; 2

Data File(s)

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ApprenticeshipData20161212.xslx Apprenticeship data 55,770


This workbook maps all Apprenticeship frameworks in England as well as all Trailblazer apprenticeship standards approved for delivery (Phases 1-3) to 4 digit SOC (2010). As Apprenticeship Frameworks and standards are not necessarily defined on the basis of SOC 2010, this is an inexact science and so the listings should be seen as indicative. It is based on mapping by Sue Hunter, Duncan Brown, Katy Edwards, Daniel Sandford Smith and Aoife Ni Luanaigh. This mapping has been checked and moderated by Aoife Ni Luanaigh.

Where there is disagreement on SOC we have erred on the side of including codes. However, generic Apprenticsehips (e.g. management and leadership) have not been mapped to SOC. Where an Apprenticeship has multiple pathways, all pathways have been mapped to 4 digit SOC.

Fields and Columns


  • AppCode - Apprenticeship code
  • AppName - Apprenticeship name
  • AppLevels - Apprenticeship level
  • SOC2010Code - SOC2010 4 Digit Occupation code
  • SOC2010Name - SOC2010 Occupation name


When queried the dataset output provides a SOC2010 4 digit occupation from the input of the apprenticeship framework code.

Queries and calculations

ApprenticeshipData20161212.xlsx Specification

The first to third column from 'AppCode' to 'AppName', are the details of the Apprenticeship framework. The fourth and fifth columns show the SOC2010 occupation code and name.

To get an output the first column is needed and is a direct mapping with the output being the fourth column (SOC2010 occupation code).

For Example
Extract SOC2010 code for 'Animal Care (England)':
AppCode = 'FR01087'
The input value of 'FR01087' is a direct mapping. The output is '6131' - 'Veterinary nurses'.

Closing Notes

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