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ASHE/LFS Pay (Mean Weekly Pay) Format

  • Submitted by: Luke Bosworth
  • Submitted on: 12/11/2014
  • Revision: 1
  • Status:
  • Revised by:
  • Revised on: ../../….


File Content Size (bytes)
Pay-20140527.asc Average weekly pay including overtime 180,208,438
age regressions.xlsx Parameters to generate estimates by age “on the fly” 249,701
Median and deciles.xlsx Median and deciles estimates based on normal distribution of log (Pay), based on LFS, for FT and PT separately 109,622

Columns & Rules

ASHE Pay data

column description rules
year 2012 only value: valid year
null: no
gender 2 (male & female) value: 1, 2
null: no
status 1 (full-time employees only at present) value: 1
null: no
industry 75 standard industries value: LFSIndustry
null: no
occupation 4-digit SOC 2010 categories value: soc2010
null: no
geography 12 UK countries and English regions value: LFSRegion
null: no
qualification 9 National Qualification Framework levels value: LFSnqf8
null: no
Employment The total employment number that should be used for weighting value: >= 0
null: no
PayBill The Total wage bill for the category concerned (Pay*Employment) value: >= 0
null: no

age ratios

column description rules
group group ID (360 categories, including totals and sub-totals)
occ 10 - 1 Digit SOC2010 Categories 1-9, 10 is total
gender gender dimension used to define group
Female, Male and Total
0 - Female, 1 - Male, 2 - Total
ftpt Full-time/Part-time status dimension used to define group 0 - Part-time, 1 - Full-time, 2 - Total
qualification qualification dimension used to define group
3 broad levels of QCF plus total
QCF4-8, QCF1-3 and No qualification
1 - High, 2 - Medium, 3 - Low, 4 - Total
age ratios (20-65) the ratios for a particular age
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