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ASHE Hours (Mean Weekly Hours) Format

  • Submitted by: Raymond Elferink, raymond@raycom.com
  • Submitted on: 16/07/2013
  • Revision: 1
  • Status: To be revised by datateam
  • Revised by:
  • Revised on: ../../….


Hours ASHE_HOUR_%createdate%_%sequence%.csv


%createdate%creation date of the file yyyymmdd
%sequence%2 digit number

example: ASHE_HOUR_20130716_01.cvs

  1. The combination of HOUR, createdate and sequence number has to be unique for ASHE
  2. Filesize has to be unique

Columns & Rules

ASHE Hours data

column description rules
year 2012 only value: valid year
null: no
gender 2 (male & female) value: 1, 2
null: no
status 1 (full-time employees only at present) value: 1
null: no
industry 75 standard industries value: LFSIndustry
null: no
occupation1) 4-digit SOC 2010 categories value: soc2010
null: no
geography 12 UK countries and English regions value: LFSRegion
null: no
AverageHour Mean weekly hours for the category converned value: >=0
null: no
employment2) The total employment number that should be used for weighting value: >= 0
null: no
TotalHours3) The Total hours for the category concerned (Hour*Employment) value: >= 0
null: no


1) occupation used to be 369 4-digit SOC 2010 categories, but we need soc2010 codes
2) , 3) can employment and TotalHours be calculated from WF data directly?
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