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LMI For All Documentation & Development

Welcome to the development wiki. Please visit the start and team pages and add any information you have to share by clicking the pen icon on the right-hand side. Make new pages by creating a link to them, then using the link (it will create an empty page).

If you don't know how to use a wiki, you can try things out in the playground. Or, if you just want to dump something really quick, copy and paste it into the appropriate page (or upload files to the Media Manager).

Demo App

Here's a small demo HTML app that uses the API. To check it out, download the zip file, unpack it, and open index.html in your browser. All the app code lives in js/apidemo.js (it's not much at all!)

Work in Progress

Please help complete the project's Questions and Answers page for our stakeholders.

User Accounts

To upgrade your user account's privileges (if you need them), contact Philipp Rustemeier.

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